E-Commerce is the root of plenitude opportunities for shoppers and buyers.It has had the biggest phenomena since its inception, by helping retailers to approach people via virtually. Having said this, there are still regions where the E-Commerce hasn’t penetrated its power due to which small-scale -aka – local retailers aren’t able to progress their businesses with full fledge. In these areas, Where there is an opportunity for demand, the supply almost seems invisible and this is where Dconnect comes to help these retailers to push their products.The motive is simple: connect local retailers to E-commerce tools and create a franchise type model so as to upbring products that need attention on the online space. Through this, its an opportunity of lifetime to elevate your business, address the demand and supply without hinderances and grow your profits. Dconnect is building the Next Generation of Micro-Entrepreneurs in Rural parts of india.


Digital Connect wants to bridge the gap between vendors and Netizens to remove all unpleasant experience associated with online shopping.


Digital Connect aspires to be the leading last mile store that connects rural and small-town customers with vendors, products, and services.

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